Creation of a dedicated HR platform for a company present in over 90 countries around the world
Creation of a dedicated HR platform for a company present in over 90 countries around the world

Company introduction

For one of our key clients, we have implemented and developed a dedicated HR system that supports the process of introducing new employees in the enterprise. The company for which we have built the presented HR platform is one of the largest companies in Europe, which successfully marks its presence on local and international markets.


Project description

Project description

The company entered into a framework agreement with Net PC to implement various IT projects, in this case it was a human resource management project. The framework agreement is based on the fact that as part of permanent, long-term cooperation, the client reports orders to us for execution. The number of hours specified in the contract is fixed, but it can be increased or decreased in individual months depending on the number of orders. For corporations, it is a very convenient form of cooperation that ensures a flexible approach and transparency in operational activities.
For the company, the effective implementation of the HR platform was a key factor in creating the company's long-term strategy. Our task in the project was to create a platform that will enable the creation of a personalized adaptation path for new employees.


Our tasks in the project:

-Construction of an individualized adaptation program for all employees of the corporation, including senior specialists
-Creating a program that will be able to define development paths and tasks for new employees of the corporation


Customer challenges

Customer challenges

-Lack of personalized system for the onboarding of employees

-Lack of an automatic platform for the onboarding of new employees of the company, so that they can effectively learn about corporate procedures

-Lack of personalized SMS and email communication during the onboarding process of new employees


Our solutions

-Construction of an automated adaptation system, the task of which is to support onboarding of new employees to work in the corporation
-Building a platform to automate the onboarding of new employees so that they know all the company's procedures
-Automated e-mail communication. Ability to specify the date and time at which a personalized email should be sent to the employee.
-Storage of information in a database in the system on the activity of employees
-Admin panel to manage data in the application
-In the body of the e-mail to the employee about the assignment of a given task, there is personalized information about whether the task is mandatory or not


Technologies and processes used in the project

-Front end - Angular
-Back end -.Net
-Solutions from the BI area
-BABOK - Business Analysis Body of Knowledge
-Wiklido business analysis


Project results

Project results

- Creation of an automated employee adaptation platform
- Creation of a tool that is able to introduce a new employee of a corporation into organizational procedures
- Automated email and SMS communication to the onboarded employees of the organization
- Built-in tool that allows you to add tasks from the system level to the employee's calendar
- Creation of a platform that automatically completes the data, based on the information provided about employees from the HR department                                                                                                                                                                                                  




We managed to create a human resource management solution that supported the introduction of new employees to the company. The company was satisfied with the implementation of the platform, thanks to which we were able to further develop our partnership relationship. This implementation was very important to us as it increased our expertise in the human resource management industry. Finally, we showed that we are able to solve problems in the HR industry with the help of dedicated software.

IT commandos showed that they understand the requirements of business teams nowadays! We invite you to cooperate.

Christopher and Tom