Business Intelligence
Automated Analytical Reports

We develop systems that automate all reporting and data analysis using Business Intelligence technology.

Why you should purchase our services?

We give you quick access to the reports you need, so that you can finally analyse your data the way you like it and then draw concrete conclusions from it.

Important information about the service features

Combines data from multiple sources (SAP, Excel, CSV, Rest API, data bases etc....)

Aggregation/Combination of data and its presentation in a user-friendly way.
The ability to enter additional data directly into dashboards while viewing your key business indicators.

Your key benefits

  • Keeps the time taken to prepare reports from different sources
    to a minimum – a few seconds / minutes.

  • Elimination of the errors in reports resulting from manual data processing.

  • Automation and monitoring of the entire data collection and aggregation/combination process – no more manual or semi-automated data processing.

  • Allows data mining and dredging, making it possible to find regularities (patterns) in data that were previously difficult to find.

  • Ultra-fast processing of very large amounts of data that previously could not be processed or would take a long time.

  • With a structured project process, we always know what stage of the project we are at (milestones achieved) and where the end of the project is.

  • Support for the data analysis and data systematisation process by our BI team – you don't need all the nuances of sources, mapping or data formats - our specialists can help provide you with structured information and may suggest additional improvements.

  • Monitoring of all data processing ensures that the data is up-to-date and correct.

Why we are better than our competitors?

Door2Door service

  • Our service is comprehensive. We can take you through the entire project.
  • Collection of all data information, including identification of data sources and cooperation with the departments/vendors managing data.
  • Data transformation, mapping, formats, cross-referencing of data from multiple sources, data cleansing, etc.
  • Presentation of data according to the business needs, which includes ensuring interactions with the data (different levels of data presentation: operational, tactical and strategic). 
  • We can then find the right solutions (technology vendors) to suit your needs and requirements in order to maximise the benefits of the project
  • We squeeze what we can out of the deadlines and the implementation costs.

A passion for data

  • We simply like to deal with data. ☺ Every success for our client is also our success


  • We know from practice the BI opportunities and project risks - we know how to take advantage of opportunities and how to avoid risks.
  • We have learned from many of our successes and know how to deal with the real problems that occur in projects.

Structured service delivery processes

  • We work according to recognised methodologies, with a constantly streamlined process to guide you through the entire project.

Knowledge supported by partnerships and certification

  • We are the official partners of technology vendors and have domain-specific certification.