Creation of an e-learning system for a leading academic institution in Central Europe in the medical field
Creation of an e-learning system for a leading academic institution in Central Europe in the medical field

Company introduction

The Medical University of Gdańsk is the oldest and largest institution in northern Poland.

As one of the leading institutions in Poland, in 2019 the university received the title of a Research University in the Initiative of Excellence - Research University competition organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

In 2020, over 6,000 students studied at the university.

Company introduction

Project description

Our main task was to build and implement an e-learning system for university students. For the client, it was crucial that the platform had the following functionalities:


  1. Manage users, courses, academic years and generate reports
  2. Create a course calendar
  3. News and notifications
  4. Certify and view student grades
  5. Manage instructor-led courses
  6. Course administration
Project description

Our tasks in the project:

A.Creation of remote education software

B.The role of the system was also to run and process data to generate educational reports with student grades (including integration with the analytical system)

C. Building an educational platform with access to it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Customer challenges

1- The client's main challenge was to create a remote education system that would be able to maintain high retention of students to the next courses in a given curriculum. It was crucial for the client that the students, despite starting remote education, were able to complete the program

2- Combining work with education - for many students, the only possibility to attend classes was distance learning. Due to their professional obligations, students were not able to fully participate in classes, physically at the university


Our solutions

1-Before starting work, it was crucial for us to understand the needs of students and academic teachers - We conducted an extended business analysis workshop with the client, thanks to which we eliminated redundant, unnecessary activities

2-Building an educational system enabling learning 24/7

3-Adding the required functionalists to the platform so as to provide the student with the best possible conditions for distance learning

4-Application of the concept of work based on synergy - We have thoroughly understood the client's problem and showed that we are a team that is able to help in very difficult conditions

5-Flexible approach to the client - Focus on remote work and work at the client's premises only in the case of initial analytical work on complex topics


Technologies and processes used in the project:

Technologies and processes used in the project:

Technologies and processes used in the project:


In the project, we used technologies such as:

Front End: JavaScript  Back End: Java


Project results

1.The client was very satisfied with the e-learning platform that was created

2.We learned the scope of the project according to the agreed time frame and budget

3.We managed to build educational solutions that affect the quality of education at an international university

4.The client gained business and educational benefits that significantly exceeded the implementation costs

Project results



The educational project for the Medical University of Gdańsk was a great success for us. Students and academic teachers were also satisfied with the possibilities offered by remote education. Our project at the Medical University of Gdańsk was very important to us because it showed that we can set trends in distance education in Poland.

Commandos of IT are reporting readiness and waiting for the next tasks in the field of remote education!

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