How did IT commandos create a mobile application with about 1 million potential users, which received a prestigious, nationwide award?
How did IT commandos create a mobile application with about 1 million potential users, which received a prestigious, nationwide award?

Company introduction

Company introduction

Client presentation.

The IT Services Center for which we have carried out this project handles IT solutions in the city of Wrocław. Wrocław is the center of the growing Wrocław agglomeration, inhabited by an estimated 1.25 million people. This city is regularly classified in the top 100 cities in the world in the ranking of the Mercer consulting company "The best cities to live". In 2016, Wrocław was the European Capital of Culture. Since 2019 it has been a UNESCO City of Literature, and in February 2021 it was classified in 1st place by the Financial Times - fDi Magazine in the report "Global Cities of the Future 2021/2022" in the category of medium and small cities in the world.

IT commandos were happy to work on the application, which was to set new trends in communication!


Customer challenges

Customer challenges

-Lack of mobile system for reporting problems and events


-The need to provide the inhabitants of Wrocław with the highest quality of everyday life


-Lack of a system to track cases reported by residents of the city of Wrocław


-Lack of communication between the residents of Wrocław and the City Hall


Project description

Project description

Project description.


First of all, our task was to create a scalable mobile application for IOS, Windows, Android.

The purpose of the mobile application is to enable the residents of Wrocław to report any failures. This app also reports other events affecting the functioning of the city of Wrocław to the CRM system. Events are registered in the CRM system for authorized entities to take action. The goal of the application was to enable proper communication between entities and users.

Our tasks in the project:

-Construction of a mobile application according to the established requirements and time frames

- Application maintenance and development of the application with new functionalities

- Building a scalable data processing application with access to it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

- Responding to user feedback and selecting appropriate new functionalities

-Implementation of the application development process based on iteration


Our solutions

-Complete implementation of the mobile application for IOS, Windows, Android.

-The application development process was iterative and was divided into stages: Prototype, POC, MVP and extended version

- During the project implementation, we ensured the role of the Implementation Engineer, who was responsible for the integration of the application code along with quality supervision and ensuring the stability of the system.

-We ensured a combination of the organization of analytical and design works with the use of appropriate standards of the CI / CD process.

-To involve an experienced business and system analyst, Krzysztof Wyrzykowski, co-author of the method for business and system analyzes based on analysis methods recognized in the world of software engineering.

-Flexible approach to the client

-Focus on remote work and work at the client's premises only in the case of initial analytical work on complex topics


Project results

Project results

-The Mobile Resident Assistant application received the prestigious award "Administration Wings in IT".


-We have provided the scope of the project according to the agreed time frame and budget


-It was possible to build a system that affects the security of the society and improves the communication

-We are developing the system by adding new functionalities and modifications to improve its operation

-We have created an integration with the CRM system

-The communication between authorized entities and users has been improved

-We have implemented a solution in which the user does not need to have an account in the application, and the notification can be sent.

-We delivered a solution documented under the standards of the description of IT systems,

-Client get the freedom to expand in the future s and made our partner independent from the so-called Knowladge keepers.


Technologies and processes used in the project

Technologies and processes used in the project

-Front End JavaScript


-Back end Java




-Wiklido analysis


-Ensuring the system's compliance with the GDPR




The presented project in the area of ​​social security was a very important achievement for us. The IT Service Center in Wrocław was very satisfied with the possibilities offered by the application. Moreover, receiving the IT Administration Wings award showed that the technological path we chose was right to achieve the set goals. The award won, even more, mobilized the entire IT commando team to work on their skills.

Moreover, the social dimension of this implementation was important to us. We have proved that thanks to the teamwork we are able to create a system that improves communication between citizens.
Finally, we showed that we are able to understand the complex needs of mobile application users. Our partners were very satisfied with the quality of our work.

We are counting on more projects in the administration and environmental protection sectors!

IT commandos report readiness and wait for the next mobile applications????