How did we build a PAAS solution for a leading internet portal using the AWS cloud?
How did we build a PAAS solution for a leading internet portal using the AWS cloud?

Project description

Project description

As IT commandos, we love new challenges. One of them was to create a Platform as a Service solution based on the Amazon Web Services data cloud. PAAS is a model of a cloud service. It enables the recipient to install services based on the application's cloud infrastructure.

It is a platform that the supplier is to provide to customers as an independent environment. This environment allows you to develop, test, run and manage applications. It's possible without the need to build and maintain your own infrastructure. and purchase licenses for the appropriate software, necessary in the software development process. Our task was to build a PAAS solution for tracking content read on the Internet by Poles abroad. The goal of the company was to increase its marketing effectiveness and advertising performance. Organizations wanted especially to improve their performance in foreign markets.

Delivering personalized content to recipients is a key activity for the company.


Company introduction

Our client was a leader in the field of internet portals located in Central Europe, employing over 1,000 employees all over Poland. As part of its e-commerce activity, the company is very active in digital sales. The organization also conducts activities in the field of fashion, interior design, and financial services. The company has very ambitious plans for further development and foreign expansion. The organization is very often awarded prizes for the best employer in Poland.


Customer challenges

- no automatic data aggregation,
- the inability to display personalized ads for specific foreign target groups,
- no system for segregating personalized data.


Our solutions

-Creating a tool for automatic data aggregation using the AWS cloud.

-Use of data processing services provided by AWS, such as: Lambda or Elastic Load Balancing.

-Building a platform with functionalities such as:

a) personalized content management,

b) filtering the content list,

c) categorization of the presented content also by subject,

d) editing the added photos and videos.


Benefits of using our PAAS solution:

Benefits of using our PAAS solution:

- building a system based on the AWS cloud, which enables the presentation of English-language information from Poland in the form of articles, galleries, and videos.
- simplification of data aggregation procedures - backup,
- greater data portability,
- scalability of the solution depending on the current performance needs,
- greater degree of readability/transparency of data,
- the ability to present a collection of photos with associated data, such as title, publication date, or the author of the gallery,
- the system allows publishers to present content on the website,
- the system allows you to leave comments on articles and moderate comments by moderators,
- shorter programming time,
- flexible adding of new articles - an article can be added to the system database by saving it as a draft or published.
- easier development of software for many platforms, including mobile platforms,
- the ability to use advanced data analysis tools at a low cost,
- support for distributed development teams,
- effective management of the application life cycle.




Thanks to the presented, innovative solution based on the AWS cloud, our client gets reliable data.

The key information for the client was to state which content is most read by Polish citizens living abroad. We managed to create a PAAS platform based on the AWS cloud. The solution helped us with automatic data aggregation. Moreover, the platform is for one of the largest information portals in Poland. Our platform has important functionalities for the client. Our application has the ability to present information to the client.

The client was very pleased with the implementation. Finally, the organization entrusts us with the implementation of further IT projects.

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