How did we create an innovative tool by implementing methods of recognizing human emotions used in marketing areas?
How did we create an innovative tool by implementing methods of recognizing human emotions used in marketing areas?

Company introduction

The organization for which we have completed this project is a leading company in the field of online qualitative and biometric research. The company conducts its activities in the latest technologies implementing modern interaction techniques for the needs of marketing research, e.g. eye tracking, face tracking, storytelling and behavioral observation. The company's clients include international corporations as well as smaller companies located in Poland.


Project description

The implementation of Net PC included the design and construction of a platform enabling online research on human facial expressions. Our solution processed data from online research, thanks to which it was possible to carry out a given research process on human emotions. The aim of the project was to handle orders for human facial expressions received via the Internet. The developed platform provided the respondents with the opportunity to watch advertisements or other video material and on this basis supported the assessment of a given information carrier in terms of emotions evoked by a given material - recognizing human emotions. The system works similarly in the case of audio or graphic boards in the internet panel.

On the basis of the resulting analyzes made available by the platform, the client obtained information about the well-being of respondents while interacting with a given information carrier, e.g. with an advertisement. The project consisted in understanding the facial expressions of the people participating in the focus study. Based on the data, the company's customers were able to make strategic business and marketing decisions.


Customer challenges

- Lack of flexibility with regular focus surveys. The client could only conduct research with his respondents in specially prepared rooms without the possibility of remote research. This situation significantly extended the research time and increased their costs, influenced the availability of respondents (especially when it was required to reach respondents in a given location, e.g. research in a given city)


- High cost of conducting focus research resulting from the traditional assessment of the recognition of human emotions


- High costs when trying to scale the focus research


- Limitations of the technical possibilities of the existing test rooms


- Lack of a dedicated web application to support commissioned research to recognize human emotions


- The risk of errors in data processing from completed questionnaires - lack of automation, data validation


- High costs and long period of processing the questionnaires of respondents


- There is no application that synchronizes the recording from the camera with the display of a given stimulus


- The collective databases of the results did not show the answers to all the questions


- Often there is no information about which answers concern which stimuli and which respondents


- Problem with returning to previously conducted research, no possibility of automatic collection of survey results (initial and final) in one archive / database


- No alternative to conducting research with the measurement of facial expression in pandemic conditions (subjects must have an exposed face, which was sent in stationary conditions)


Our solutions

Our solutions

- System and business analysis based on BABOK practices

  • Product workshops with the client


We managed to conduct a workshop with the client - Discovery Workshop, during which:

a.) We understand the client's business needs and problems

b.) We got to know the future users of the tool and their needs

c.) We worked and analyzed the user path, thanks to which we could judge it's efficiency 

d.) We have defined the MVP scopes and prioritized the work

f.) Finally, we sketched the outline of the architecture and created a roadmap for the client


In the project, we also achieved:

  • Implementation of a modern platform enabling online research.
  • Implementation of algorithms for recognizing human emotions
  • Creation of functionalists enabling transparent operation of the system
  • Building a tool that precisely synchronizes the stimulus (displayed / examined object) with the respondent's emotional reaction

Technologies and processes used in the project

- In the application, we have implemented particularly innovative methods for collecting and processing data, such as face tracking


In addition, we used:


- JavaScript


- Java


- Scrum


-Wiklido analysis


-We have also ensured that the system complies with the GDPR


Project results

Project results

- Creation of an innovative tool for focus research based on methods of recognizing human emotions (affective computing, affect-aware)
- Eliminating time constraints (respondents did not have to travel to the test room) and the number of respondents in a given study
- The implementation of the project resulted in a reduction of research costs, while the possibility of collecting many more research materials - the possibility of scaling the research with lower implementation costs
- Thanks to the tool, it is possible to maintain the standards of the client's research methodology even in the event of a change of stimuli during the study
- The use of innovative technologies in the project
-Saving time for the company's customers, thanks to the generation of a link with a preview of the research results (before the platform was implemented, target customers usually had to come to such research locations / cities)
- Enabling automatic collection and collection of systematized and accurate data on the participants of a given study and the course of the research process
- Improving communication between the company and its customers through a dedicated IT system
- Providing the functionality to automatically display the stimulus (advertisements or photos), simultaneously starting recording from an external USB camera or built-in computer
- The application allows you to send a link to the company's respondents with a personalized presentation of materials
- Building a platform enabling automatic generation and downloading of test results in the form of reports
- As part of the project, we ensured the implementation and hosting of the application within 12 months from the final receipt of the product.
- By transferring the research to the Platform, the customer can carry out his activity despite epidemiological limitations
- They enable safe data collection even in the event of an epidemiological threat
-Thanks to the application, the time of conducting nationwide surveys (requiring researching respondents in various locations) has been shortened




For the IT Comando Net PC team, which loves innovative technological solutions, this project was particularly important and inspiring. We were able to deliver a solution that fully satisfied the client. As a company, we have shown that we boldly approach innovative projects also in the fields of research, which is undoubtedly affective computing, affect-aware. We believe that projects in the field of reading human emotions will be increasingly used in companies in wider everyday applications. Organizations want to understand their users as much as possible, therefore they decide to implement innovative IT solutions based on modern technologies. This project also has a great impact on society, as it shows what emotions are triggered by certain films and commercials.


Ultimately, we proved that IT projects related to the recognition of human emotions, due to their practical applications, are a technological inspiration for us and a very interesting challenge. We are happy to undertake further tasks in the area of ​​using psychology in marketing areas in the future. IT NetPC commandos once again met the demanding task.


Krzysiek and Tomek