How did we develop the referral system supporting e-commerce sales in 4 weeks?
How did we develop the referral system supporting e-commerce sales in 4 weeks?

Company introduction

Company introduction

For one of our clients from the e-commerce sector, we have created new functionalities. The goal of the system is to support sales and consulting. Our client is one of the leaders in online sales of products such as household appliances, clothing, footwear, records, books in Central Europe. For the company, customer satisfaction with the products and services offered is a determinant of business success. To meet the challenges of a competitive market, the company decided to expand the referral system to improve the quality of customer service.


Project description

The aim of the project was to improve the consulting and sales processes. The goal of the client is to offer the best possible support to potential b2c and b2b clients.
For the company, exemplary after-sales customer service and a conducted customer consulting process are of key importance.
Moreover, offering the greatest possible business value to the company's consumers is a competitive advantage for the company. The task of the new functionalities was to make the purchasing process as interactive as possible.

As a result, the company's client could receive banners and receive information about the purchased services and products.


Customer challenges

The main challenge for the client was the lack of an interactive referral system to support customer service

Additional customer challenges:

-The desire to create a more effective purchasing model

-Expanding the search and filter options for products


Our solutions

Our solutions

- Recommendation System - integration with the recommendation system in order to reward loyal customers for recommendations and new customers for setting up an account in the eShop. As part of this task, it was necessary to integrate with the Customer's ESB Bus, create an API for communication between the eShop and eBOK, introduce changes in the e-Store in the functionality of creating discounts, provide information about the use of the code to the Customer's external system.

- Extension of the Recommendation System mechanism - adding another type of promotion supported by ESB. As part of this task, it was necessary to modify the webservice and introduce changes to the discount functionality in the eShop.

- Extension of changing the purchasing model on the eShop. The customer wanted the purchases to be possible only by logging into the system with an eBOK account.

- Optimization of product search and filtering, page loading


Technologies and processes used in the project

-We have defined and implemented an improved analysis and design process - The analysis process was based on teamwork, implementing an effective process of verification and validation of requirements in accordance with the BABOK Guide (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) - increasing the quality of requirements.

-Using the SCRUM methodology -We also transferred work knowledge to business stakeholders in order to create the synergy effect of teamwork, which resulted in a high increase in efficiency, with a decreasing number of errors in the sales support system for the benefit of its continuous development - building new functionalities.

-We ensured the implementation of a process based on the IEEE standard in the field of software development methods, ensuring the possibility of implementing the project / expansion in parallel by teams of several suppliers, without losing quality and unnecessary communication overhead.

-We have implemented constant supervision over the costs of implementing new functionalities, along with reducing waste thanks to the Lean approach to software development.


Project results

-Creating functionality for which customer loyalty and satisfaction are the most important

-Building an interactive platform for communication between customers and salespeople

-Adding extensive functions in the application aimed at maximum customer satisfaction

-Implementation of international IT standards based on IEEE standards, also implementation of BABOK and SCRUM agile work methods.

- In accordance with the client's needs, we provided functionalities that were fully documented in accordance with the standards of IT system descriptions, which gave the company the freedom to expand in the future in cooperation with our company and other independent suppliers and independent of the so-called "Knowladgekeepers"




In the project carried out for one of the leaders in the energy industry, we were able to provide fully interactive, modern functionalities that fully meet the needs of the company's customers. The project was very successful due to the in-depth understanding of the client's needs and requirements. The results of the implementation were the delivery of unique business value for the company's clients. The end result of our work was also the improvement of many sales KPI's for the company.


Tom and Krzysztof are ready for the next e-commerce task!