Increasing the quality of production in one of the largest production companies in Europe, present on the market for over 120 years, thanks to advanced analysis of production data
Increasing the quality of production in one of the largest production companies in Europe, present on the market for over 120 years, thanks to advanced analysis of production data

Company introduction

One of our key clients was a company from Germany, which is a leader in the food sector. This organization produces food additives for clients located all over the world.

Company introduction

Project description

The client came to us to take over the problematic project from the current contractor, which as a result of many iterations was not able to provide the client with a stable BI (Business Intelligence) system with functional elements for informing the production area (MES Manufacturing Execution System). The client wanted to complete the project with the final satisfactory result of cooperation.


Our main task was to provide a solution for advanced data analysis and advanced BI and MES (Business Intelligence, Manufacturing Execution System) reporting.


Due to the company's emphasis on service quality, the company decided to implement a project that aimed to increase consumer satisfaction rates with their food products thanks to conclusions drawn from advanced analyzes of actual production data. Thanks to the integrated system for processing real production data, the company wanted to ensure even better quality of its food products.

Project description

Our tasks in the project:

A- Development and implementation of software for advanced analysis and reporting.

B- Conducting analyzes that included production data, records of costs, utilities, waste, losses, errors in the settlement of raw materials, lists of UDT devices with service dates, and tracking of unplanned downtime and people.

C- Registration of reasons for unplanned downtime, updating of material stocks.


Customer challenges

1.Implementation of an IT solution that will be used to improve production processes on the basis of advanced analyzes of production processes, with such a large and complex production, it is practically impossible to perform advanced analyzes without a dedicated IT solution.

2.Effective acquisition of software for advanced analysis of real production data, thanks to which the customer will be able to evaluate production processes and implement improvements in production processes based on these analyzes.

3.The client's main challenge was to complete and save the project, which was lost to failure.

4..Thus, the client was looking for a company that would undertake the rescue of an extremely difficult and complex project.


Our solutions

1- Application of the concept of work based on synergy - We have thoroughly understood the client's problem and showed that we are a team that is able to help in very difficult conditions.

2- Flexible approach to the client - focus on remote work and work at the client's premises only in the case of initial analytical work on complex topics.

3- Application of IT business analysis (parallel analysis and design) - We conducted an extended business analysis workshop with the client, thanks to which we eliminated redundant, unnecessary activities. The workshop was preceded by an analysis of the achievements of the previous contractor's work, in particular the evaluation of the architecture of the proposed solution.


Technologies and processes used in the project

Technologies and processes used in the project

1.In the project, we used technologies such as Java, JavaScript (Angular), Qlik View, Qlik Sense.

2.BI and MES (Business Intelligence, Manufacturing Execution System) solutions

3.Parallel analysis and solution design

4. Implementation of a recovery plan for the previous contractor's IT projects


Project results

1.We provided solutions in the agreed scope of the project according to the agreed time frame and budget.

2.The client was very satisfied with the added functionalities.

3. We managed to build solutions that affected the optimization of work.

4. The client obtained business benefits that significantly exceeded the implementation costs.

Project results



The project was successfully completed. The client was surprised by our ingenuity and ability to turn difficult tasks into profitable ventures. We were also given the opportunity to work in the field of development and modification of the delivered solution, thanks to our great commitment and flexibility in approaching challenges.


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