System integration is nowadays a common means of streamlining business processes and building a competitive advantage. You don’t have to be dependent on just one monolithic system to facilitate your business needs.


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows for combining existing applications with new solutions emerging on the market, collecting and comparing data, exchanging data between separate systems and many other potential improvements.


For our integration projects, we use proven solutions like Event Hub, ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), Data Lake.


Our expertise and experience in system integration combined with use of ready components guarantees quick implementation and delivery of reliable solution.

Integration, development and maintenance
Integration, development and maintenance

Further development of existing software

If for some reason your project has stopped, you encountered problems or need to restart your project with a new team – we look forward to work with you. We carry out improvement and extension projects to complete the system implementation or add new functionalities to ensure your business objectives are met.


We will verify the project objectives, analyze your needs and present you with an action plan to achieve the set goal.


We’re aware that any system downtime or data loss may have negative impact on your business and result in financial loss. We support our Clients to ensure continuous operation of their systems.


If you have software that requires occasional service support like fixing faults, improving performance or remedying security vulnerabilities, our maintenance service is the right choice.


As part of the software maintenance agreement not only do we deliver support and troubleshooting, but we also provide advice and guidance on potential modifications or optimization to help you eliminate potential risks and seize opportunities.

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